E850 Vang

RSH hydraulic vang guarantees maximum traction power combined with the powerful pushing force as well as the comfort to trim directly from the cockpit.
It allows the meticulous control of the leech tension sailing in strong wind as in light airs supporting the weight of the boom. When the sail is flaked it acts as topping lift.

The construction of the RSH E850 vangs provides a pressurization with high pressure inert gas making them among the lightest and best performing on the market

On request they can be supplied in a hydraulic Push-Pull configuration.


Tecnical Data

Ref.DescriptionMax pull force
@ 5000PSI
Return force
@ 600 PSI
Gap / Pin
E850-VC-017-17 Vang – gas return31806805/8241Custom
E850-VC-022-22 Vang – gas return46608805/8254Custom
E850-VC-030-30 Vang – gas return721013703/4280Custom
E850-VC-040-40 Vang – gas return1164019607/8305Custom
E850-VC-060-60 Vang – gas return1557026701357Custom
E850-VC-090-90 Vang – gas return1921034701 1/4406Custom

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